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About Us

Our Mission is bringing companies and individuals

Better Results


Why We Do

The world is, as ever, a changing place. Yet many companies still do not take advantage of new methodologies and sales strategies to maximize their effectiveness. Companies that are still stuck in the old days of top down management are beginning to become extinct. And for good reason.

We do what we do to help companies discover their strengths and increase their profits by complimenting their current business strategy and goals. Not just for themselves, but also for their employees and their entire team. When employers build an engaged workforce and positive environment, everyone benefits.

What We Do

Good business is always changing, and never in just one way. For that reason, we offer services in:

  • Organization Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Operations Efficiency
  • Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Executive Consulting
  • Personal Coaching
  • Team Building

How We Do

We bring better results to companies by enlightening the Power Players. From Small Business Owner to C Suite Executive, we help you to understand the power of your workforce while building customers for life. We do this by

  • Building stronger communications throughout the organization
  • Increasing the performance of your operations
  • Boosting employee moral and engagement
  • Teaching how to sell solutions and build relationships with customers
  • Finding new markets to sell to
  • Providing Leadership training for Executives and front line employees alike

What We Answer

  • How do we improve Employee Moral
  • How do have create a high performance leadership
  • How do I market my brand
  • How do we reduce Cost
  • How do we mange change
  • How do I grow my business

So, Why Obsidian?

We are not a giant conglomerate looking to up sell you for more services and keep you in a constant state of chaos. We are about building lasting relationships. Unlike other consulting firms, we don't believe in large upfront fees with questionable results after. We only succeed when you succeed.

Obsidian is small on purpose: to be flexible with your needs, not ours. We provide tailored solutions for your business with a personal touch. You won't get the 'yes-man' treatment from us but the hard truth and best solutions.

We guarantee that our services will lead to a quantifiable benefits to your business.

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