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Ad Hoc, retained, or complete implementation solutions. Better Results delivered at any engagement level.


Tactical Advisement


Designed to address unexpected issues that come up, discuss business best practices, business development, and operational improvements on an immediate basis. Further, they allow to ask for third party insight when questions come up and you don’t know who to turn to, while keeping you accountable to improve your business.

Remote Sessions include summary and action items. Available ad hoc or by retainer on a monthly basis.


Site Consultation


On-site consultations open up new possibilities to observe workflows, employees, and site assets.  Bring key employees into the conversation and jointly review reports, workflows and more.

Minimum two hour session on site includes summary and action items. Day rates available starting at $1499


Foundation Consultation


The value of a multi-day conference in a half a day session, dedicated only on topics surrounding your company. We will discuss pain points and opportunity facing your business, while staying true to the strategic direction.

Four hour session includes workbook, extended meeting summary, recommendations and paths forward starting at $1249

Consulting Packages

Like going to the gym, the best results come when you commit to the process and give it time to show results. Consulting packages require a three month commitment and guarantee results per our Value Back Guarantee.



Regular engagement that helps keep you accountable by regularly discussing the business, setting goals, and addressing concerns on a regular basis. Ideal for businesses that need clarity and outside perspective, but are able to push forward their own agendas.

Tactical Advisement:         2 per month

Site Consultation:              1 per month

Document Review:           1 per month

A La Carte Discounts:       10%


Trusted Advisor

Clients dedicated to growing their business and looking for a confidont to share concerns and address their rapidly changing business. For the price of a part time employee, have someone in your corner dedicated to helping you decrease operating costs and boost revenues.

Tactical Advisement:         4 per month

Site Consultation:               1 per month

Foundation Consultation: 1 per quarter

Document Review:            2 per month

Business Reporting:           1 per quarter

Online Accountability:        Included

A La Carte Discounts:         20%


Fractional COO

Have a dedicated resource who is solely focused to increasing profitability within your organization. We work directly with your employees, vendors, and service providers on your behalf. Implementing process changes with your oversight. 

Tactical Advisement:         4 per month

Site Consultation:               2 per month

Foundation Consultation: 1 per quarter

Document Review:            5 per month

Business Reporting:          3 per quarter

Online Accountability:       Included

A La Carte Discounts:        30%

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Custom Solutions

No two businesses are the same - we get it. Custom offerings tailored for your business needs are available upon request.

Implementation Projects

Which process improvement do you know needs to happen, but don't have the time or resources to commit to? With Obsidian Implementation, we will provide a turnkey solution based on your specifications. From custom reporting, workflow automation, to organizational changes, we will put together an execution team and project manage to deliver results that improve your bottom line.

Value Back Guarantee

Our services will exceed the the price you - or we'll refund the difference.