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Facility Management - Optimized

Obsidian Solutions is a proud to offer iPropertySoft as it's exclusive Property ManagementSoftware (PMS) and Computerized Maintenance Management Software  (CMMS).

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iPropertySoft Mobile

iPropertySoft (“iPS”) provides owners and managers with increased operational efficiencies through the implementation of its Core Software Platform. iPS provides organizations access to facility-based management software, with multi-property support through an easy to use web and mobile applications.

Key Functions:

        Risk Management

        Emergency Mitigation

        Employee Management

        Preventing Property Downtime

iPS offers white-glove installation services to ensure proper adoption to the platform. iPS is committed to delivering excellence and innovation in how you operate your facility. Our constant re-investment guarantees that new features will always be available to customers, to ensure they are running their properties in first quartile performance.

iPropertySoft Web App

Projects and Tasks

New projects can be created on a one time or re-occurring basis and assigned to individual employees as well as groups. Quickly evaluate progress with project completion graphs that is updated in real-time.

Work Orders

When your facility or equipment requires maintenance or repair, creating a work order is only a few clicks away. Generate simple or complex work orders that include time tracking, costing, before / after images, documentation and receipts. Stored service data offers insight to help evaluate repair versus replace scenarios.  


Track equipment function and longevity through documented service. Quickly identify end of life situations and proactively plan for financial requirements for replacement. Easy access to documentation such as user manuals and warranty cards.


Maintain adequate inventory of facility sustaining consumables. Easily add products via the web or mobile application. Eliminate confusion by assigning consumables to specific tasks or locations.

Emergency Protocols

Create and store organization emergency procedures that are accessible by all team members. Limit liability by providing step by step documentation with direct communication to essential staff.


The directory allows for quick access to contact information for staff, vendors, and contractors.