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If you want to Lead, then you need to Read!

Reading is a critical part of becoming a great leader and building a high caliber leadership team. It makes sense, the more you read and can learn from other great leaders, the more problems you can solve before they ever happen. You can discover your own style and new methods when you synthesize the ideas of many people. Where should you start? Here are some foundations for any library.

Small Business Marketing: Grow Business Strategically without Breaking the Bank- Aaron Pfeifer

Regardless of if you are a new small business owner or a seasoned marketing veteran, this book gets straight to the point in help you identify your target audience and provides 40 direct marketing ideas you can implement immediately to benefit your business. A must read!

The Introvert's Edge: How the Quite and Shy can Outsell Anyone - Matthew Pollard

If you are a natural introvert, then the idea of selling anything, to anyone is a frightening prospect. However, through Matthew's experience, you can learn to look at sales not as personal judgement, but as a process to be optimized. Take the sting out of rejection and become a solid salesmen - without being pushy.

The New Solution Selling - Keith M. Eades

Some people are Eagles when it comes to sales, and then there is the rest of us. This book distills down the steps in a sales cycle. Regardless of if you have sold for years, or are just starting out, this selling strategy will bring you customers for life. Don't just sell a product or service, sell the solution to your customers problems.

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

This book originally debuted in 1936! If people are still talking about it after all this time, despite the corny title, it must be good. In a few words, Mr Carnegie essentially writes an entire book about the Golden Rule, treat other as you would like to be treated, and this is how in 12 basic steps. This will not only help you succeed in business, but also in life.

The 4-Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferris

Despite the irony of a book that teaches you how to be more efficient with your time, you should really read the whole version of this book, not a abridged version. While not entirely practical, this book does a great job of teaching you to be optimistic about your goals, and the true value of outsourcing when possible. It's also pretty funny.