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Medium and Corporate Solutions

Small company culture, but big business aspirations. Are you feeling the tugs and pulls of growth and new business?


Business Process Re-Engineering

Don't get caught in the trap of, "It's the way we've always done it". You used to call your friends from the one family phone in the kitchen too, but you don't still do that.

We will work with you and your team to determine where there are operational efficiencies to be found in your work flows. Let's remove duplicate tasks and even work with you to implement automated processes through our network of partners. When we are able to free up your employees from menial tasks, they are free to do more higher level activities which will decrease your operational costs and increase your revenues. Imagine a 10% increase in productivity and a 5% increase in sales in one fell swoop.

Develop Culture

Remember the good old days when all your employees were capable of doing anything you asked for? When they too wanted to see the business be a long term success? As you have grown, your employees may be beginning to look at their job as more of a right than a privilege. They may begin to resist the going above and beyond for the company in favor of their own best interest and path of least work.

However, this doesn't have to be the case. Working with your business leaders and middle managers, we can help you develop a culture that will make your business more successful. When employees are actively engaged and feel their opinions matter, you will see dividends on top of their traditional output. What's more, if they align with your company culture, then you'll blow by your competitors who are too busy fussing with disgruntled employees .

Obsidian Solutions can help you with developing your company culture, creating a high productivity work environment, and curating the best talent and new hires for your company’s long term goals.


Long Term Planning

Business may be booming now, but are you responding to it in a reactive or proactive way? How can you best utilize your current resources and minimize additional costs. What would happen tomorrow if the market collapsed? Is your company positioned for long term success or is it built on a house of cards?

Let us help you and your executive team review your current business plan. Let's brainstorm all the potential opportunities in your market space. Let's find industry disruptions and how to work around them, or use them to differentiate from your competition.  Together, we'll make sure your business grows while properly managing its risks.

Employee Engagement

Are you still struggling with millennial that don't seem motivated by anything? Or Boomers that are checking out looking forward to retirement? Are your Xers happy with the status quo?

Regardless of the reasons, are your employees giving you 100% everyday? If not, consider how much money you are wasting everyday. Further, consider the missed costs by not engaging employees and challenging them to improve the business or create new products and services.

We will council you are closing the gap on 100% performance, and can even implement it directly while you focus on other priorities within your business.