Obsidian Solutions - Operational Consulting in Denver, Colorado
Obsidian Solutions - Operational Consulting in Denver, Colorado
Grow Business Strategically, Operate Effectively

Where We Focus

Strategic Planning

We help you begin with the end in mind. Once we determine if we are building a business to sell, hand down, or building an empire, we can create the right path to achieve your goals.

Organizational Management

Grown beyond your horizontal management structure? If it is time to develop business units and divisions, or re-organize your management structure, get an outside perspective on what works best.

Process Development

Whether you want to scale your business or simplify its management, implementing simple, repeatable processes empower your team and makes it easier to train others.


Whether it is time to renegotiate deals with your vendors, or create new partnerships with complimentary service providers, we can help you ensure Win-Win-Win scenarios.

Employee Engagement

Develop a high performing staff that are capable, collaborative, and confident. When your employees are empowered, they are able to work more efficiently and work better.


Still using DOS based technology, or suffering from manual data entry of the same information in multiple, separated systems? Let's utilize the latest technology, AI and Robotic Process Automation to streamline workflow and minimize errors.

How We Serve

Your business is unique - and so are your solutions. We are offer flexible offerings to meet your business goals and demand.


Cost effective way to address immediate pain points within your organization. We partner with you to bring clarity so you can address issues promptly.  From tactical calls to highly specific process audits to address your pressing needs.


Time to upgrade your systems and processes? Task us with exploring the best new technology in ERP, CRM, Accounting. Once we find the ideal system - we'll quarterback the implementation between outside vendors and your team.

Fractional COO

In a growth phase, but not big enough to hire a full time Operations Manager or COO? We work with business leaders and integrate seamlessly with their teams to optimize your organization and get your operations humming.

Real Results - Case Studies

Foundation Consultation Brings Results

After one session, a family owned trade-services business implemented a new pricing strategy which boosted revenues over 40%!

Case Study - BRE

Reporting Project Cuts Costs

A turn key solution lead to simplified operations, while eliminating dependency on third party contractors, and  reducing costs by $4,000 a month!

Case Study - ERG

Process Improvements Boosts Profitability

Streamline work flows by creating a collaborative working team that cuts rework and gets over $10,000 a month boost in profitability

Case Study - ACE

Industries We Specialize


Born from a premier engineering firm, we understand the dynamics of project work, design, and billable hours. Further, we understand how to make effective teams out of introverted engineers and extroverted sales.

Professional Services

Accounting, Tax, Legal, and more. We can work with your talented team members to implement best practices, sales development, and customer service excellence.


From electrical panel fabrication complying to NEC and UL standards to hardware manufacturing and assembly lines, we can not only optimize your processes, but streamline your systems.


Software services and cloud implementation are nothing new to us. Let us assist in you service audits, and partnerships to make you standout from your competition.


Oil and Gas, Pharma, Food and Bev, we've touched it and more from our deep understanding of Industrial automation.

Trades and Technical Services

Electrical, Plumbing, Maintenance and more. Your company is designed to get things done, not suffer from bureaucracy.

Ready for Better Results?

Ready to take your business to the next level, but not sure where to start?

Our Foundation Consultation exposes unknown pains and opportunities to streamline your business.

Book a Foundation Consultation Today!

Have more questions?

Can we afford it?

Can you afford not to?

In today's world of constant competition and change, staying stagnant leads to a death long slow death spiral. Working with a third party with cross industry experience means you will constantly be receiving new ideas and connections to make your business succeed in new ways.

Further, we offer all our customers our Value Back Guarantee -

If you don't receive value greater than what you paid, we'll refund the difference.

What does it cost?

Pricing for All

Our offerings are customized for your business size, needs and goals - and are targeted to achieve a guaranteed ROI.

Remote tactical services start as low as $250 while typical clients average $1500 a month for regular onsite consulting services. Our fractional COO services can be half the price of full time Operations Manager - and don't include wasted time on water cooler talk and office resources.

Project and implementations services are typically priced based on a 3-6 month ROI. Further, in many cases we can obtain capital leasing for large project services to help you turn those CapEx dollars to OpEx, and keep cash flow optimal

What other services do you offer?

Better Together

In addition to our operation focused offerings, we partner with service providers of all kinds to deliver you the best results, and the best team of advisors possible. From Quickbooks and accounting, staffing and HR, legal and business brokers, the Obsidian Network of partners are guaranteed to provide you with outstanding results. Further, we can project manage our partners taking the time and pressure off of you, so you can focus on delivering great service to your customers.

Have another question we haven't addressed? Contact us today! Info@ObsidianSolutionsLLC.com