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Courses offered by Obsidian aren't a slide deck you can just download and file away. They are targeted offering specifically designed for your organization and people. Promote collaboration within your organization, focus on your products and services, and leave every class with action plans to apply the lesson - that's Better Results.


Lunch and Learns

Boost your sales immediately with a customized program focused on your value. Learn how to never sell a product but to share it and it's value.

Stage One -

Evaluate your current sales methodology and expectations with a one on one meeting with your Sales Director. 

  • Evaluate your Sales Funnel, Pitch, Metrics such as churn rate, close ratio, and more
  • Review your products, value messaging, and differentiators

Stage Two -
With an effective foundation, we will bring your team together to challenge and educate them on their offerings and processes.
  • Effective and efficient company research
  • Getting client buy in through their values and client needs
  • Sell the Trainer Mastery

Stage Three -
Master comes from repeat exposure and practice. Follow up with a second day for your team to ask questions, refine pitches, and sell the trainer to demonstrate mastery.

Packages starting at $4,500.

Business Leadership

Effective Business Leaders of Tomorrow by Obsidian Solutions

Many businesses roll the dice on their leaders by buying them from other companies. Others push their top talent into the role out of necessity without any formal training setting them up for failure. In this series of courses we will groom your current and future leaders to prepare them not to manage the chaos, but to inspire others to work together towards mutual goals effectively and efficiently.

Courses are done in a series of five days ideally over the course of several weeks so attendees can have a chance to apply their new skills and reinforce strong habits in a collaborative group environment.

Days include:

  • Self Directed Organizations through Leadership
  • Effective Communication: Bridging Job Roles and Generations
  • Designing the Future
  • Change Management and Organizational Evolution
  • Leadership in Your Business: Applications to your Team

Custom Offerings Starting at $10,500*. Call today for more information.

*Discounted rates available for retained clients or multi-course arrangements.