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Small Business

Over 90% of businesses employ less than 20 employees, according to the latest Census report. Just because you're small, doesn't mean you're outmatched.


Business Administration

Many small businesses are not aware of the infinite amount of tools available to them.  Everyone is familiar with business tools such as websites and accounting; but have you considered tools for advertising, auto-mailers, phone systems, or third-party Human Resources Departments? Is your business running as efficiently as possible? Can focus on your profits and grow your business or are you always stuck playing catch up?

We can evaluate your current business model and management techniques to find ways to increase our business's efficiency; which leads to improved margins.

Best Practices

Maybe you are just starting out or acquired a new business. Perhaps you've never had formal training on running a business and think you can run it better (And trust us, all companies can run better!). Do you need to have an accounting department? When should invoices be due and what should they say? Is NET 30 standard or should we do cash only?

Generic online resources can't give you the best answers to these questions when it comes to YOUR business. We will get to understand your business, your clientele, and your goals to map out the best solutions for your company.


Revenue Growth

"Innovate or Die" is becoming an overstated cliche`. Businesses are always pressured to offer a more comprehensive array of products or services, leading to a small business being spread too thin.  But before looking for new products and services, ask yourself if you have tapped out on finding new customers for your current offerings? Have you maximized repeat and referral customers?

We can help you initiate low or no cost methods to grow your revenue by increasing your customer base. What's more, we can help you increase customer satisfaction to keep them coming back for more.

Employee Management

Congratulations, you are making your first hires! Or maybe your business is experiencing turnover and the time wasted on training is starting to add up? Are your employees operating as efficiently as possible? The best businesses of all sizes are always looking for ways to increase productivity and this hinges on finding and keeping the best people.

Obsidian Solutions was founded on the idea that if employees are well respected and love coming to work, their effectiveness will skyrocket. When your employees are in line with the company's culture and goals, you will maximize your return on investment in your employees and create better products and offerings. A happy and effective employee will turn out better and more cost effective products, which benefits your bottom line.