Obsidian Solutions - Operational Consulting in Denver, Colorado
Obsidian Solutions - Operational Consulting in Denver, Colorado
Grow Business Strategically, Operate Effectively
  • Hit a Ceiling in your Business?

    Overhead, administration, and management have you buried?
    Growth stagnated and spending out of control?
    Bring alignment to the chaos!
    We help you identify root causes and help implement solutions.
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  • Business Process Re-Engineering

    Still using the same shoe-string and bubblegum processes from ten years ago?
    Let's streamline and modernize your procedures to simplify work flow and eliminate re-work.
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  • Exit Planning

    Strategic Consulting to put your personal and professional goals in alignment.
    Whether you want $10 million or $100 Million - we'll help you get there.
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  • Engage Employees

    When your employees are fully engaged, they produce better results. Increase utilization rates, productivity, and empower them to take on more responsibility and collaborate more.

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  • Custom Software Solutions

    Integrate your systems to eliminate repetitive, mundane tasks, while minimizing entry errors.
    Make sure the right people have the right information at the right time.
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  • Training and Development

    Enhance your leaders, doers and everyone in-between with custom training programs. Cut the power point and discuss not just best practices, but implementation of best practices within your organization for immediate ROI.
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We believe in a
Better World through Better Business

When your business operates at it's best - you not only take care of your shareholders, but employees, families, and communities.

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More than Consulting

Flexible by design to serve our clients how it best suits them. Ad hoc consulting engagements to fractional COO services. Go beyond traditional consulting engagements by including full implementation services. Create a business operating system, create your own franchise model to scale business and increase the returns going back to your pocket. Our services fit your budget and needs.

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​​Fractional COO​

Not ready to pull the trigger on a $75,000+ full time Operations Manager?

We embed ourselves within your organization while leveraging cross industry experience. No water cooler for us - just great ideas, employee management, and operations enhancements.

Turn Key Solutions

Time to upgrade that Citrix or DOS based program you have been band-aiding for years?

ERPs, accounting platforms, benefits providers, vendor contracts - whatever. We evaluate current systems against leading edge offerings and help you pick the best option. Then build a team to execute and deliver a turn-key solution so you don't drop any balls.

Project Management
Need to implement a massive change, but don't have the time to manage it personally?

Trained project managers keep your team and vendors on track.  Let us do the heavy lifting - you have customers to serve.
Employee Development

Trying to develop a high performance leadership team or high quality employees with Boomers, X-ers, Millennials, Gen Z?

Grow your organization through collaboration and mutual respect. Educational topics from leadership, to sales - and more! One to One engagements and on-going advisory to make sure it sticks.

Our Specialties


Simplify your overhead and work processes to reduce operating costs


Collaborate and elevate employees to higher level work, generating more revenue


Automate mundane tasks and increase your efficiency to boost profitability

​One Stop for Better Results

More than operations, we share foster valued business partnerships to connect you with the professional resources you need0

Need a new marketing strategy, temp hires, recruitment, CFOs, CTOs and more. Not only can we get you the best rates - we can manage these projects for you.

Software Development
Admin and Overhead
Financial and Lending
Digital Marketing
Software Development
System Integration
Manually entering data in your CRM, Sales Management system, ERP, Order Entry, Accounting, invoicing and more? Integrate these systems for one time manual entry and automated data flow to reduce time and errors. 
Cloud Systems
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or others, we have a partner that can move your onsite services to cloud installations. Reducing your footprint, increasing uptime, and providing a new level of disaster recovery.
Web Applications

Need to consolidate data in a single source, but have access from any browser? Our partners can design and implement web based applications that securely integrate into your business network and automatically consolidate data, run reports, and more.

HIPAA, DOD, FedRAMP, FIPS, ISO and more. Our partners can not only audit your current system, they can do architecture and design from scratch to build a fully compliant solution for your programs.
Admin and Overhead
Fractional Human Resources (HR)
Need to design an employee handbook or make sure your organization is in compliance, but not ready to hire an HR Department? Our partners can provide you with template documents, advisory services, and more to reduce your risks.
Hiring and Temp Employees
Finding the right candidates in this market can be overwhelming. We partner with staffing agencies that can facilitate finding employees, or even carry them as temps so you can get the ultimate trail run. From admin to accounting, engineering and blue collar, our partners can help you make the right hire.
Legal Resources
Re-evaluating your business entity? Is C-Corp the right move, or Limited Liability Company (LLC) taxed as an S-Corp? We can help you navigate this conversation and partner you with our attorney's to get all the i's dotted and t's crossed to protect you, your shareholders and your company.
Business Broker
Ready to come up with an exit plan, or to sell your business? Once we have implemented repeatable processes and systems for your business, we can maximize your evaluation in partnership with our preferred business brokers to earn you top dollar.
Financial and Lending
Fraction Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Whether your business is making a hundred thousand or a hundred million, we can partner you with accounting experts to bring alignment to your financial situation and strategy

Quickbooks Accounting

Did you know Quickbooks can be automated to dramatically reduce or even eliminate bookkeeping? Our partners are ProAdvisors for desktop enterprise and online platforms. Further, our development teams can integrate your accounting software to your CRM, order entry system, and more seamlessly.

Lending and Capital Leasing

Ready to acquire new assets? Need to do capitol improvements or lease a multi-hundred thousand dollar piece of equipment? We have traditional and alternative lending partners perfect for your situation

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Tax Planning

Getting your books in order is priority one. Once you have a grasp on your numbers, we can be strategic about buying assets, re-investments, and more to give you a tax advantage while growing your business.

Digital Marketing
SEO Search Engine Optimization

Looking to get found organically on your website to maximize your marketing? Ask us how we can help you develop your strategy and connect you with the best in the business.

SEM Search Engine Marketing

Want to be the top of relevant Google searches? With SEM through our partners, you not only will be one of the three ads at the top of the page, you could be all three. Ask us how!

Website Development

Need a new website that is eye catching and engaging? We have partners across platforms to provide the perfect solution whether you are a Mom-and-Pop small business, or international corporation with hundreds of pages and data sets.

Geocaching / Location Based Advertising

Intelligently source your best prospects by sending digital advertising based on zip codes, distances from key locations, based on job title, income and more. Spend your money where it makes the most impact.

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