Better Results

Obsidian Solutions

Business Re-Engineering and Implementation

Grow your company Strategically, while Optimizing Operations


Have you hit a ceiling in your business? Facing stagnant growth and unable to get ahead of the fires in your business?

We help business owner's take control of their business by identifying short falls and opportunities - then work with them to implement solutions to guarantee improvements.


Strategic Growth

Where is your company heading in 10 years? Let's and achieve your exit strategy regardless of the next recession, economic boom, or new technology disruptions. Developing your plan, implementing process improvements, and putting the right people in the right place.

Employee Engagement

Boost employee effectiveness by 10% or more to drive higher revenues while maintaining or reducing labor and asset costs. Develop new leaders and assets to keep your company operating at first quartile performance.


Work Flow Optimization

Cut redundant tasks, convey better information, and improve delivery time by evaluating business processes from order entry to final invoicing. Documenting business processes and implementing new practices and tools to increase your margins.

Training and Development

Enhance your leaders, doers and everyone in-between with custom training programs. Cut the power point and discuss not just best practices, but implementation of best practices within your organization for immediate ROI.

As a conscious and heartfelt adviser, one of his greatest skills sets is that he listens and gets to the foundation of the problem advancing quickly to attainable solutions. Aaron is one of the most knowing and capable consultants that I have ever used.

- S. Armstrong

I highly recommend his services to any small business that is looking for better results in their profitability, customer relations, or employee relationships

- A. Condoleo

We were expecting our 4 hour Foundation Consultation to be quite daunting but we found Aaron to be very captivating and we learned much more than we thought we would. This was well worth the investment...

- J. Block

For the first time in fourteen years, I set aside time today to work through the direction of our business, and focus on process improvements. It was empowering. I'm glad you're a part of it, and my outlook/focus has already started to shift just after our meeting today.

- J. Lillis

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